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American Oil Trade is an international company specialized in global Motor Oil sales. For more information and to contact us, please drop us a line at, visit us in our U.S. headquarters located in:

14600 King Road, Suite A1 

Riverview, MI 48193

United States

Or, reach us at:

Phone: +1 313-213-8999

Fax: +1 734-479-7802

Our Global Network

With a global business reach and support, our mission is to bring the best quality motor oil products to our customers.

Our Prodcuts

With products from Petromerica, we are bound to take the lead in Motor Oil sales market.


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We  strive to stay in communication with our clients. Have a question about  our business, or want to see if we match your specific needs? Send us a  message, or give us a call. We're always happy to meet new customers!

American Oil Trade LLC

14600 King Road, Suite A1 Riverview, Michigan 48193, United States

Phone: +1 313-213-8999
Fax: +1 734-479-7802